Turncoats returns.

Five years ago Robert Mull, Phin Harper and Maria Smith set up Turncoats. Turncoats is a series of debates that asks participants to respond to a provocative issue. Half way through the debate they have to “turncoat” and take the opposite view to the one they started with. The evenings are playful and involve a comedy warm up act, a vodka shot in the dark and a lot of heckling. After a break Turncoats returns to London this Thursday for the first of a series of three. The first of which is entitled ‘Nuclear War’. Making the provocative claim that nuclear houses are a retrogressive hangover from a failed consumerist individualistic project, intrinsically emeshed with a sexist division of labour, they are reliant on the subordination of women, and an architectural tool of repression and social control so as such should be knocked down.

The night will open with Janina Smith and Josephine Timmins performing their feminist wrestling comedy OKayfabe before handing over to the Panel.  ‘Nuclear War’  will be chaired by Lucy Wilson, commissioning editor of architecture design at the Financial Times and on the panel will be Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Miranda Hall, Lucy Watson, and Ben Derbyshire.

Do go they are challenging and above all great fun.