The case for never demolishing another building.

2020 is the year of the very first School of Reconstruction. This is an exciting project where  multi-disciplinary teams will come together to re-think, re-use and reconstruct thought-provoking new structures from discarded construction materials to demonstrate how the use of reclaimed materials could be increased in construction projects.

Brighton’s School of Architecture and Design, will take the lead bringing together partner organisations from across Europe and is a response to the declaration of a climate emergency by the UK Parliament and Brighton and Hove’s commitment to become zero carbon by 2030. It builds on the ground-breaking approach to re-use of materials taken by the University of Brighton’s Waste House project.

In the lead up to this important project Duncan Baker Brown has been speaking to The Guardian about wasteful practices in the construction industry and the unacceptable CO2 emissions it produces. The Guardian article poses the question what if new buildings had to be adapted and resused or built only with materials already available. You can read the full piece here

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Students can sign up to take part from February 2020 and more information will be announced in the coming months.