The 100km Print Challenge.

One of our Masters students won the 100km Print Challenge this week. Staff had taken a meter reading from our draft printer/copier the previous week. They realised that the machine had printed and photocopied close to 100km in its time with us. This is the equivalent distance from Brighton to such exotic locations as Southampton, Canterbury, Southend-on Sea, Folkstone, Reading or Watford.

A prize was offered to the student who produced the 100km milestone print. Staff and students witnessed the momentous moment when the counter ticked from 99999m to 100000m.

The winning student received a brand new materials voucher to spend in the print room and workshop. These are often called crab cards as they are rubber stamped with an image of a crab. Nobody can remember why.

Keeping with the theme, she is also the proud owner of a crab apple tree to replace one of the trees that made the ultimate sacrifice in producing that much printing. The tree is a native species and will shortly be released into the wild. We hope that bees will also enjoy the prize.