M’Arch Studio 2 Exhibition.

M’Arch Studio 2 have curated a small exhibition to show their studio work to date.  The Studio led by Simon Beames focuses on the investigation into the substance, stuff and medium of fabrication which is vital in order to design human habitats for our
current era of Climate Extinction.

Developed through a better understanding of how to bind together traditional techniques with digital technologies using natural material and helpful geometries, a key proposition is that available digital design and fabrication technologies will enable traditional making techniques to be reinvented as innovative and intimate collaborations between us and our new tools.

The physical and Intangible heritage of place helps define Studio 2’s research, developing place specific building systems that constitute the central aspect of its approach. As the exhibition shows each student has individually worked with an invented growable composite, revealing and designing the haptic relationships between materiality, form, structure and space, the related processes of production and assembly, and the multitude of performance effects that come from the interaction with environmental influences and forces.
The design of space, place, structure and climate is then synthesised and tested through the fabrication of a material prototype with developed
apparatus, gadgets and gizmos. Portfolios present a synthesised proposition using this artefact with a book, a film and several drawings.