John Andrews Drawing Prize 2020.

The annual drawing prize was open to all students across School of Architecture and Design. This prize is dedicated to the memory of John Andrews, a much-valued colleague who was teaching in the School until his untimely death last year. The prizes were awarded to students who were able to demonstrate drawing as a process of discovery and communication. The criteria were, that it be largely hand-drawn and related to notions of ‘discovery’ within the individual students particular studies. The judges were looking for quality and precision in the use of medium and for success in communicating the drawing’s intention.

First Prize (Post Graduate)

Solange Leon (Year 1 Part-Time MA Sustainable Design): Today the density of distance becomes palpable, equidistant lines taped roughly on pavements. Slowing down, reading the Other’s movement, circle or give way; masked thank yous in the falling darkness.  Intrigued by movement notations, I contemplated how to draw this Covid dance. Seeing without looking; feeling, anticipating movement as one body, like our beautiful Brighton starlings.

 ‘Continuum’- objects in continual movement, at the same pace, following a joint trajectory, equidistant to avoid contact.  Mimicking nature, we might rediscover collective motion long forgotten, one requiring discipline, a shared rhythm, tolerance to improvise. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

Joint First Prizes (Undergraduate)

Raeun Baek (BArch Year 2)

This project title is about where I am standing today. As an Asian, living in the UK, I wanted to describe and express my personal feelings and tell my story of how I first came to England and settled into Brighton.  First of all, the map in the background shows the area between the Brighton pier and Brighton station. The scattered line running in multiple directions represent the various memories and emotions. Secondly, my story contains sketches of objects from the Brighton Museum, which I specifically chose as they represent my identity and future path. As everyone has a part of a memory, which is different and latent from one another, I decided to leave a trace on the map. Most importantly fragrances experienced in a day gives me a nostalgic moment as a trace in memory and this all represents myself.

Angel Harvey-Ideozu (BArch Year 2) Combining physical and sonic readings of my site, Solid Sound is an attempt at understanding and presenting Ship Street, its glory and the impressions it left on me. A presence in the midst of noise, a haunting, a mass. Ship Street forges impressions of height through tension and release, angst, pleasure, and pursuit. The base layer maps the site as solids and voids- investigating its presence and thresholds. Overlaid are four different sound expressions of site, translated to ink. Solid Sound is processing a space standing in perfect mass, perfect provocation, perfect still, existing in a multitude of realms.

Joint Runner-up Prizes went to Joy Xin (PhD Architecture and Design FT).

Imane Lhihi (BArch Year 3) and Beth Richardson (BA Hons Interior Architecture Year 3).