Taking to the Streets.

This week members of UCU from our School of Architecture and Design and other schools at the University of Brighton and University of Sussex who are on strike took to the streets and marched from Brighton station to Grand Parade and onto New Road. The ‘four fights’ we are calling for in this national strike are:

  • Pay – workers in higher education have seen their pay fall behind inflation every year for the past ten years. Our pay is now worth 20% less than it was in 2009.
  • Equality – the gender pay gap stands at 15%. We want national action by the employers to address this inequality, and other inequalities on race and disability.
  • Casualisation – the sector relies on huge numbers of staff on precarious, temporary contracts. In many universities, the majority of teaching is done by staff who have no job security.
  • Workloads – to combat spiralling workloads, the union wants a 35-hour week with matching reductions in teaching and administrative hours.