Stop the coup! – Spaces of protest.

As staff and students return from their various summer escapes across Europe and beyond, Professor Andre Viljoen: our Deputy Head of Research along with other SoAD colleagues were participating in protests across the UK .

“Wednesday the 28th of August’s spontaneous protest outside parliament, in response to Boris Johnson’s planned shutting down of Parliament to prevent democratic challenge to Brexit demonstrated that size doesn’t matter. Compared to earlier planned protests for a second referendum this gathering was in the thousands, and as the protest shifted and drifted
It found its place and voice. From Parliament Square, to Whitehall and Downing Street and back to Parliament. From chanting….”general stike”, “no one voted for Boris” settled down to a rhythmical repetition of, “if you shut down parliament we will shut down the streets”, and more to the point, “stop the coup!” The spaces around Westminster served the mobile protest well. More to follow….Saturday and beyond.”

Professor Andre Viljoen: Deputy Head of Research.