Perma Market: Sara Rajkovic.

Sara Rajkovic from M’Arch Studio 4 has won the Will and Partners Prize and Perkins+Will Thesis Prize. Here she describes her winning project thesis.

How fluid is the landscape? Can a disadvantage be turned into advantage? How can we maximize the potential for resources in floodplains?

It is necessary that fully utilize the potential that a piece of the land gives us and extract from it as best as possible, but at the same time return to it so we could use it in the future. Taken by this and analyzing the site around the Ouse River, I base my project on the absolute utilization of the potential of the site for which the seasonal flooding that affects the land is characteristic and makes it suitable for certain vegetation. My proposal would be represented in a terraced landscape that has been designed on permaculture principles. Agricultural environment would not only serve for production but it would offer possibilities to educate people on permaculture, strategical placement of vegetation and maximizing the potential of the land.