Peer reviews.

Studios 01 and 06 came together on Monday for an intensive and stimulating morning event held in the Main Gallery. Both studios have shared concerns with place, but some different approaches to exploring it. The session focused on how project ideas from term 1 could come forward into individual work this term.

An exhibition of work was curated with each student displaying 2 pieces of work from Term 1 and 2 pieces of work from this term currently underway. The format for the morning gave opportunities for students to practice how to articulate their work to others in a series of short 1:1 conversations with peers.

The exhibition was left up on display for student applicants to view during their forthcoming visit to the School.

Many thanks to ex-studio 09 student Ben Spong, for his participation in the event. Ben is in his final year of the MArch programme at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. He is studying in Unit 25 led by Professor Nat Chard (formerly of the University of Brighton) and Emma-Kate Matthews.