Investigating Traditional and Religious clothing within 21st Century work.

Ralph Phillips scooped two awards at this years Graduate Show, School of Architecture & Design Award for Best Product and University of Brighton Product Design Award for Best Model for his Personal Protective Pagri. Here he tells us all about his product.

“Like many, I am of mixed heritage. Having personally experienced less positive attitudes towards those considered ‘different’, I am passionate in my belief that good design should try and foster understanding and equality. I started final ‘Investigating Traditional/ Religious clothing within 21st century work environments’. It became clear that cultural misunderstanding can foster unequal opportunities for job selection. Traditional garb can be a limiting factor in employment decisions, so products aiming to allow equal and safe access to less safe occupations are key. I designed this product to provide these features, specifically for Sikh’s wanting protection in industries needing a hard hat, with the importance of wearing the religious clothing being optimised.”

“The existing design of a turban is more than suitable for the protective properties present within hard hats. The Personal Protective Pagri utilizes the gap created between the head and outer fabric using it as a crumple zone making impact less likely to have direct contact with the skull. Its polycarbonate shell provides high impact strength and clarity. Users can wear different coloured fabrics beneath to express job roles, or for personal preference.

The two-part shell aids application, alongside specifically designed Kirpan dagger clips, allowing users to easily locate and secure/release with ease.  Like existing hard hats ventilation holes are present, with air travelling through the turban fabric exiting through holes in the upper third”