Climate Crisis and Green Architecture Day

The ever busy Duncan Baker Brown is meeting with the Editor of the Architect’s Journal to discuss ways of making the climate crisis accessible as an issue for architects, because  says Duncan ‘Our industry (construction) consumes about 50% of all mined/ grown materials… and the UK consumes 600 million tonnes of products a year, generates about 200 million tonnes of waste a year, with the construction industry contributing about 60%. The UK construction industry, including the operation & maintenance of the built environment consumes 60% of all products and accounts for 45% of CO2e emissions.However here is some good news – the UK construction industry has reduced wastage on site from about 20% in 2008 to 13% in 2015, but climate change and the destruction of our natural environment is never off my mind…. while our government makes up distractions, it’s our children that know what we really need to focus on. If you haven’t already done so please take a few moments to listen to Greta Thunberg …..”

Then on 30th March Duncan will be one of the key speakers when Brighton Permaculture host Green Architecture Day 2019 at the Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade Campus.

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