Studio 13 visit to Sussex Cricket Ground.

After an interesting site visit to Lords last week, this week Studio 13 took a trip to nearby Hove to Sussex County Cricket Grounds. The grounds underwent a major redevelopment a few years ago including a new spectator stand with club shop and offices; an extension of the existing cricket school, a complete refurbishment of the members’ pavilion; new hospitality facilities; a new media centre; groundsman accommodation; public catering areas and luxury flats.

The design and location of the grounds are interesting when one looks at the surrounding buildings. On three sides of the ground, local residents can recline on their balconies, or peer out of their kitchen windows to watch the action and instantly feel part of their community.

For real cricket buffs we discovered that the Sussex Cricket Team crest depicts a mythological, footless bird called the Martlett and is similar to the Sussex coat of arms. Capped players have six martlets on their sweaters, and the crest with gold trimming on their caps; uncapped players instead have only the club crest on their left breast, and white trimming on their caps.