MArch Studio M3 End of Year Show.

MArch Studio M3 End of Year Show

For MArch Studio 3’s sunny end of the pier exhibition in Hastings, we drew on the memory of the location to conjure up an interactive seaside viewer back lit by the setting sun to showcase the studio’s work.

The show illustrated the range of critical design projects undertaken in the studio this year, for example:

Asta entertained beleaguered Southern rail commuters with a trackside performance dismembering of southern trains. As part of a critique of value in contemporary society she looked to repurpose redundant rolling stock through a re-engagement with making in the centre of the city.

Ed explored the boundaries between the physical and digital world, questioning the language of translation in the search for an authentic voice for the digital in the physical realm. His exploration led to the construction of drawing machines, clay extruders and modified 3D printers to enable him to physically engage with existence on the boundary.

Sonny challenged the plight of the Elm, investigating how architecture might be an active means for its protection, evolving typologies that actively nurtured the precious remnants of the national elm collection in Brighton.

Meanwhile Tri questioned our intuitive grasp of perspective, challenging preconceptions by asking what may actually lie hidden within the areas we cannot see. He explored the potential of worlds concealed by a simple change of viewpoint, where people might live concealed by perspective.