Studio 14 are interested in the interactive possibilities of architecture. Here is a kinetic Christmas tree formed from physical timber tags and the projected light of virtual words! The Singing Tree was on display at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) until Saturday 6th January 2018. The V&A explain as follows:

The Singing Tree by Es Devlin, 
Set designer Es Devlin is known for the kinetic illuminated stage sculptures she creates in collaboration with the Royal Opera House and National Theatre, and with leading artists and performers including Beyonce, Kanye West and Adele. Created specially for the V&A, her new installation, the Singing Tree will be brought to life via machine learning and thousands of words collected from the public. Throughout the Christmas season, visitors are invited to contribute a word. These words will be transformed into an audio-visual carol, which will illuminate the Christmas tree, accompanied by an interactive choir of human and synthesised voices.