Kata Oltai, Feri and Konfekcio.


We had the opportunity to meet Kata Oltai and hear her views on contemporary art and culture in Budapest. Kata is a curator, art historian, owner of FERi gallery, a feminist project gallery and self described ‘senior waste manager’ of the clothing BUTIK Konfekcio. The shop itself, although incredibly small, is also something of a cultural arts project looking to see what can be said through the clothes. Kata explained that the shop wasn’t really about selling second hand clothing but about weaving social nets, and questioning cultural and political norms in the form of dress and how these ideas could communicate to the world; a practice she explained, that she tried to live by in her own appearance.

Kata, who used to be a curator for Ludwig Museum Budapest until 2012, opened FERi not long after another small space in the traditionally working class and deprived 8th city district of Budapest, and despite some quite minimal conditions, it exerts a consistent and coherently structured program dealing with Hungarian STARTING UP and artists as well as internationals. Its main focus to date has been on short-term exhibitions, mostly by female authors, formulating societal critique from a feministic perspective.

It was a fascinating insight into an aspect of contemporary culture that most visitors to the city would have missed and we were really grateful to Kata for the talk (and tiny tour) in what was obviously a very busy schedule! You can see more at: