Getting There.

This week down at Fabrica Gallery in the centre of Brighton – ex Brighton University student and sculptor, Jo Lathwood is starting work on ‘Getting There’, a site-specific exhibition which will be of interest to Architecture students.

Getting There is concerned with the making of a journey on one spot. Combining sculptural, performative and philosophical aspects, the work is being constructed, exhibited and then deconstructed within a seven-week period. The project is to construct a large, rising, pathway through the exhibition hall of Fabrica up into the roof area with the promise of touching the ceiling. Visitors can drop into the gallery to watch its construction for the first three weeks, use it for the next two and then see it dismantled in the final week.

Described as “Simultaneously purposeful and pointless, Getting There mirrors a common human personal goal: ‘to get somewhere’. Despite the where being abstract, the benefits of achieving it unclear and ultimately the goal rendered futile by death, the endeavor of getting there is commonly understood as a worthy idea. Lathwood’s new work provides a platform for interrogating this idea informally with visitors to the gallery and through a programme of discussions and activities”

Getting There is both original and inquisitive in its approach to space and audience. Challenging both in terms of  its scale and the time frame within which construction has to take place; it is well worth more than one visit.

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