First Year Duty of Care Workshop.

The School of Architecture and Design will be having a first year “duty of Care” workshop on Monday. Hosted by Head of School, Professor Robert Mull the workshop asks the students to consider the question “to who or what do you owe your primary duty of care”?  First students must work in small teams to agree their definition. Then still as a team students have to design the type of the practice they would form to best deliver their chosen definition of “duty of Care” and also agree one project that they as a group would undertake to exemplify their position.

The students then make a brief group presentation and the whole year votes. The winning definition is then seen as a statement by the whole year. The statement takes the form of 140 character tweet which is then shared widely under the hashtag, #UOBfirstyearsbelieve.

This is workshop that has been run before in countries including in Sweden, Ireland and Russia with first years and final year master students. The results give an intriguing insight into the values of each cohort and are not always what you would imagine! So watch this space.