Wastes and Strays.

Congratulations to History and Theory tutor Alex Zambelli who along with colleagues at Newcastle University, has won an AHRC funding bid. Next January Alex will begin a new three year project investigating aspects of common or common-like spaces within or adjacent to urban areas. The project will be both historical and propositional. Called Wastes and Strays: The Past, Present and Future of English Urban Commons this cross disciplinary research will involve participants from university departments of Law, History, Architecture and English, as well as a range of community organisations and representatives from various parts of the country.

As co-investigator for the ‘future’ work package, and an architect, Alex says he is keen to bring an architectural sensibility (whatever that may prove to mean) to aspects of the project. By combining rigorous historical and theoretical research with new public engagement modes the aim is to inform and enable communities to revitalise their commons, demonstrating the active value of research and knowledge exchange. Although the project emerges from Newcastle there will also be emphasis on Brighton as a key research focus.

To read more about the Wastes and Strays project as it takes shape visit Alex’s own blog.https://scandalousartefacts.com/2018/08/20/wastes-and-strays-the-past-present-and-future-of-english-urban-commons/