Here are a few images from the current investigation work of Studio 14 students: Zuzzanah Kaczmarczyk, Zirui Wang, and Christopher Long.

Studio 14 does not have a set style, or formula approach. We enjoy the way that students develop an individual approaches to their project work. In our current ‘Paper Clouds’ project each student has set out to explore aspects of books, libraries, and ways in which architecture might be formulated so as to bring about new thinking.

In the second and third terms we will develop designs for a new ‘Arts Library’. This will be based on relocating the University of Brighton’s St Peters House Library collection of Arts and Humanities books, including its special book collection. Relocation of this collection is seemingly inevitable due to the fact that the University has only a short lease on the building in Richmond Place. Understandings of the library will be developed in consultation with librarians, students and other visitors to St Peter’s House.