• Walking Tour.

Rotterdam Trip: Day One.

We had a brilliant first day in Rotterdam. The city seemed to be very welcoming and the hostel where we would spend the next four nights was rather charming. Yet, we did not waste any time getting settled in and shortly after checking in, we began our first walk to explore what Rotterdam had in store for us. The starting point was by Erasmus Bridge, a remarkable 800 metre cable-stayed bridge connecting North and South Rotterdam. We continued over the bridge and along the Nieuwe Maas. Every corner seemed to reveal exciting interventions, such as memorials, sculptures and the unusually big slide found in a park, where some of us adventured into testing its structural integrity (for learning purposes, of course).

We, then, stopped at the Cube Houses by Piet Blom, a set of 45 degrees-tilted cubic houses that explore the idea of bringing life and urbanisation to the city roofs. While some of the group explored the interior of the cubes, others headed to the Market Hall by MVRDV Architects, where we tried some lovely authentic snacks and pastries, such as ‘poffertjes’, whilst admiring the indoor market’s unique and colourful ceiling. Finally, we all gathered in a bar to talk about our findings, have a drink and relax. It was a very enjoyable first day away.

Marcel Sugai – Level 5 student