The first element of our brief was to explore the built landscape of Newhaven Town, looking high and low for what we felt was the ‘Soul’ of the town. What made it so great? What is it about Newhaven that makes it different from all other towns? etc. When we were exploring Newhaven, trying to look for its soul, we found there were many small details around the town that were interesting, historic, nostalgic and more. The town was filled with hundreds of thousands of tiny moments that shouted history and liveliness, something that is now thought to be lost. So what we decided to do is re-present these moments, let the whole world know about Newhaven again and try and make it great.
To do this we are using Instagram, @newnewhaven, to present all the photographs of both the moments (Souls) that we found as well as the work we are producing for the project to try and get hype built up around Newhaven. Make it somewhere that somebody wants to go again because they think that it is the best place on earth; fun, exciting, colourful, historic and worth visiting (which it is, if you know what you are looking for). We are continuously promoting the Instagram page through both our own personal accounts as well as other social medias, word of mouth and using #’s to promote it for us, hopefully one day trending #newnewhaven.

All of the photographs and work we hope will be presented at the degree show, as well as to Newhaven itself. They can easily keep this going and maybe one day it will make it big and more people begin to come to this fascinating, quirky little town.

We want everybody to know about this page and to add as much as they can to it. This town needs to have a re brand and this is our way of starting that.

Ben Merry: Level 6.