Fantastic Context Week.

Context week – An exciting week across the studios that is used to develop individual projects as well as learning specific skills, techniques and processes. Alicja K, who is photographed, was part of the “Wish You Were Here” workshop. Learning to use a film camera was the first step of her task before going out and capturing in between spaces. A successful week for all and an opportunity on the Friday to see everyone’s work was beneficial.

Sotiroulla Mouis, Level 6.

A magical 24 weeks of academic bliss has come to an end…..and what a way to end it… That was a Fab Context Week ! I wasn’t joking about being moved to tears at least twice throughout the presentations… to those that too part in the exhibition today, you made me very proud. Thank you for your hard work and continued effort – both staff and students!

Gem Barton: Course Leader.