BA Architecture Study Trip: Day Two.

Leaving Antwerp we drove to Ghent. First stop was S.M.A.K, the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, to see an extensive Gerhard Richter exhibition ” On Painting” Richter is considered to be one of today’s most important artists and as one of the postwar renewers of painting. His work, powered by experiment, doubt and chance, proves again and again that a painting is not capable of representing or replacing reality. This was the first museum exhibition of his work in Belgium since 1976.

We also took in ‘The Photographic” a two part exhibition on photography in contemporary art. The exhibition focused on artists who on the basis of photography raise social questions concerning how we live together

Then a walk in sunshine taking in university buildings of interest for amongst other things their Venetian stairs allowing for greater flow of students and then on to Ghent’s newly opened library De Krook and the market place where we waited in sunshine and took a group photos while waiting for Tony who went AWOL to escape to find his favourite bookshop Copyright ….and returned bearing DVDs for coach.

Then a brisk walk to the coach along the river to an an amazing research installation by Belgian architects Rotor – which over the years has had its intellectual content completely obliterated with graffiti. Some students couldn’t resist leaving their our own discreet mark and graffitied ‘AD 2017’ on the stairs.

As the sun set we climbed to ninth floor of Museum of Antwerp to see how public walk ways cut through a civic building and take in panoramic views of the twinkling city. Of particular interest was the bent, wobbly glass (AKA, Cinoid Profile Glass ) as favoured by Rem Koolhaas in his Casa da Musica in Porto. A technique used as protection  from strong winds 

We then ended a busy day with a quick pause to see Crane no 19 the oldest crane in Belgium sitting alongside but dwarfed by the museum