Harvesting Carnival Manifesto: Beth Rodway

‘Carnaval Del Pueblo’ visits Burgess park each year, with the intention of reuniting
the Latin American Community within London. This year the scheme is focussed
around the creation of the Columbian dish ‘Sancocho’. Through the compilation
of these separate ingredients, originating from Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Argentina,
the individual countries are united as a whole.
‘Harvesting Carnival’, opposes the negative effects a carnival may have on a landscape.
It exploits the 100,00 people visiting the site 1 day a year, by collecting their
energy through sustainable dance floors and storing it underground to then fuel the
park for the remaining 364 days. Any surplus electricity will be put back in to the
Talks on organic farming are held in the exhibition space, among the information
panels describing the programmatic functions and narrative. The scheme consists of
a circular economy, with rainwater collection and the energy produced from Solar
trees being used to fuel the incubators growing the produce needed to make the
dish ‘Sancocho.’

Bee apiraries are kept to fight the dying species and to nourish
flower gardens, and chickens are kept for their eggs and compost. The Latin
American dish is prepared on site and bought with the currency ‘The Elephant
Pound’, which can also be used for market trading in and around Elephant and